Upcoming Races

GP4 - Round 14
Japan (Fuji)
7th October 2007

rFactor V8 - Round 14
Phillip Island Finale
4th Ocotber 2007

rFactor Stock Car - Round 14
Pocono (Pennsylvania)
1st October 2007


HOWC was first started in 2000, created by Richard Scott to do offline racing on Grand Prix 3. Since then the League has grown to its current size where in 2007 it will run 5 Summer Leagues, one using Grand Prix 4 (offline) and four using rFactor (online).

Whilst most of our members are European, we do have and allow members from all over the world, although the online races are on at European friendly time. Offline racing is a different story as you can do your races at any time and only need to send in the files by the due date. For more information about any particular league, please navigate to the league or see the leagues area on the forum.

Whilst we have no fees for racing with us, we do allow people to donate to our costs, such as rfactor server hosting and website hosting. This is not compulsary and we value all members regardless, its just a way for you, the members to say your thanks and help us keep the quality of racing good.

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