Upcoming Races

GP4 - Round 14
Japan (Fuji)
7th October 2007

rFactor V8 - Round 14
Phillip Island Finale
4th Ocotber 2007

rFactor Stock Car - Round 14
Pocono (Pennsylvania)
1st October 2007


For the first time ever, HOWC will race in the world of NASCAR with our brand new 2007 rFactor Stock Car League. This league will be raced online on rFactor and will final give oval loving racers something to aim for here at HOWC. We suspect this league will see a lot of familiar and new faces racing for the title!

For those who do not know, rFactor is a racing game from ISI which is aimed at modding and online racing, which means it is almost perfect for a league such as ours. In this Stock Car league we are using the TPSCC (The Pits Stock Car Challenge) mod. We do have our own carset for it, with all the cars having our own team liveries and driver helmets. Apart from the skins we will be running the mod untouched and drivers can choose between their favourite stock cars.

The 2007 Stock Car League will run fortnightly (in general) on Monday Nights at 8.30pm GMT and will contain 15 rounds of mostly oval racing, however we will race on a road course or two. Each round will consist of a one hour timed race, with full flag rules including safety car.

For more details about this league, please navigate to the other pages on the sub menu, or see the leagues separate area on the forum. To sign up for this or any other league please click here.

So what are you waiting for join up and come race us online in what is sure to be fast and frantic racing!

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